Open Air Phoot Booth with Fun Photo Strips

Open-Air: Our Most Versatile Photo Booths

Control Your Backdrop!

The Open-Air Photo Booth is a new twist on the classic photo booth. You have the ability to use any background you like as the backdrop for your photos. If you are having your event at a beautiful outdoor venue, then the Open-Air Photo Booth will capture the scenery in your photos. Even if you are having your event indoors, the Open-Air Photo Booth is a great option… you can set up a cool wall, over-sized chairs, or any other scene you can think of to make your photos unique and fun!

With the Open Air Photo Booth, you also have the ability to use the video function. This is a great way for the guests are your wedding, retirement party, birthday party or other special occasion to leave a personalized message for the person or couple of honor!

Two Great Style Choices!

Sit N Grin prides itself on giving you lots of choices in booth styles.  The most choices in central California!  Our Open-Air Photo Booth comes in black and rustic styles, making it a great choice to fit in at your event.

Great for Large Group Shots!

One of the great things about the Open-Air Photo Booth is that is allows you to fit larger groups of people in the shot, compared to the Classic Photo Booth.  Check out the 14 people in this actual photo booth photo!

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